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VTL to South Korea

The Singapore – South Korea Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) commenced on15 November 2021, allowing fully-vaccinated individuals to travel between both countries with no quarantine on either side.


To travel from Singapore to South Korea without quarantine, you must have spent the past 14 days in Singapore and/or South Korea only. Your travel history cannot include any other countries, even if they’re on the VTL list.

You must also hold a digitally-certifiable vaccination certificate (issued by Singapore or South Korea) showing full vaccination against COVID-19 with any vaccine in the World Health Organisation (WHO) Emergency Use List.

1) Take a pre-departure PCR test in Singapore

According to the CAAS, travellers from Singapore must take a pre-departure PCR test within 72 hours of their flight to South Korea. This requirement is waived for children aged 5 and below.

According to Korean Embassy, “72 hours” is based on calendar dates, which means that if your flight is at 1000 hours on 10 December, your test result should be issued after 0000 hours on 7 December (which basically gives you additional time).

2) Purchase travel insurance

Travellers from Singapore to South Korea are required to purchase travel insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000,000 KRW (~S$34,000) for COVID-19-related medical treatment and hospitalisation costs.

3) Apply for Electronic Travel Authorisation

Singapore citizens must apply for a K-ETA at least 24 hours before boarding their flight to South Korea. Each traveller requires his or her own K-ETA (regardless of age), and the fee is 10,000 KRW (~S$11) per person.

Results will be received within 24 hours of application (typically within 30 minutes), and all fees are non-refundable even if the K-ETA application is denied.

4) Book a non-stop flight

Travellers must book direct flights from Singapore to Seoul on Singapore Airlines, Korean Air or Asiana. Flights to airports other than Seoul may be considered at a later date.

5) Take an on-arrival PCR test

Visitors to South Korea must book an on-arrival PCR test at Incheon Airport via Safe2GoPass before departing from Singapore. After the test is completed, they must take a taxi or private-hire vehicle to their residence or accommodation while awaiting the results.

The cost of a COVID-19 test at Incheon Airport is 174,000 KRW (S$197) on weekdays and 180,000 KRW (S$204) on weekends or holidays.

6) Take post-arrival PCR test on Day 6 or 7

Travellers who intend to stay in South Korea for 8 or more days must take a PCR test at a medical clinic designated by the government on Day 6 or Day 7 of their arrival in South Korea, at their own expense (the arrival day counts as Day 0).

The cost of the test will be approximately 135,000-180,000 KRW (S$150-200) per person. Travellers who miss their test may be subject to a fine.

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