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Obtaining a Pre-Departure COVID-19 Test in Singapore for Overseas Travel

Travellers must fulfil the following basic criteria and conditions of the VTL to enjoy quarantine-free travel, otherwise they may be turned away by airlines/immigration, or be subject to the prevailing health requirements and quarantine.

Travellers who are required by their destination country/region to take a pre-departure COVID-19 test.

As a general guide, travellers who present themselves at a clinic less than 38 hours before their flight will not receive their pre-departure test result on time. Travellers are therefore strongly encouraged to allocate sufficient lead time when scheduling a test appointment.

On the day of the test, travellers should bring the following documents to the clinic:

*Identity card (for Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Long-Term Pass Holders)


*Flight booking details showing the departure timing

For details related to the cost and administration of the test, travellers should enquire directly with the clinic. Travellers should note that government subsidies cannot be used to offset the cost of the test, and a test memo will not be issued for any government-paid-for tests.

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