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Medical Treatment for COVID-19

Below are the M andatory Treatment upon Positive Test for COVID-19

In accordance with Singapore’s Infectious Diseases Act, it is mandatory that all travellers who are tested positive for COVID-19 be isolated for treatment and recovery at the appropriate facility. COVID-19-positive patients will be conveyed to and accorded the necessary medical treatment at a suitable COVID-19 care facility.

Patients who are first admitted to a hospital for COVID-19 management may subsequently be transferred to a (Community Care Facilities) CCF for continued care. Such patients will be medically managed at the CCF until they are well for discharge.

Patients may not choose the specific hospital or CCF to be treated at, and all decisions to convey the patient to the appropriate COVID-19 care facility made by the Government of Singapore will be final.

Patients who deliberately refuse treatment or leave the facility before a formal discharge, or otherwise behave in a manner that exposes others to the risk of infection, may be prosecuted for offences under the Infectious Diseases Act. Upon conviction, the offender may be imprisoned and/or fined under Singapore Law.

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