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Home Pre Departure Swab

Skip the Long Queue at the clinic. At PDTSwab we offer Pre-departure Swab at the comfort of your own home. will arrange our certified swabbers to head over your home for your pre-departure swab. We offer the most affordable price and reliable service. You will receive your result within 12 to 24 hours from our MOH approved COVID-19 PCR Lab.

Pre-departure procedures often include getting a recent negative COVID-19 test result and an authorized PDT certificate before you are allowed to board your outbound flight. Other requirements may include filling up various forms, such as a FCS health control form for travellers to Spain, installing a mobile application, or presenting a vaccination certification for fully vaccinated individuals.

Additionally, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides an eRegister service for you to voluntarily declare your travel status and receive related information and advisories in the case of an emergency.

In preparation to check-in for your flight, you should minimally have a softcopy or printed copy of your negative COVID-19 test result, a valid visa, a valid boarding pass, and proof of accommodation in the country you are travelling to. Depending on your destination’s regulations, you may require a pass issued by their government, a proof of installation of a local health-related mobile application, valid proof of payment for post-arrival COVID-19 test, or completed health and travel-related declaration forms. With all these on hand, you’ll finally be good to go!

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