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Flexible itinerary during VTL

Preparing for VTL:

Flexible itineraries are key for those looking to travel anytime soon.

-Don't tied yourseld to any bookings (air or accomodation) that cannot be amended or cancelled in these current times. Choose flexible booking policies.

-Plan and book your trip earlier, purchase travel insurance that covers COVID-19 upon booking.

-Be aware of ownself medical vulnerabilities before travelling.

-Be aware of the risks of the places you are visiting. Select places that are less crowded, have high standard hugience and good healthcare facilities.

Already booked the tickets?

Travellers who have already booked their VTL flights should check with the provider about their policies on flexibility, changes and cancellations.

- Please check on the travel arrangements if it provides 48-hour flexible cancellation policies to mitigate risk and changes to travel regulations.

- Monitor the situation and stay up to date with the latest travel rules and regulations.

- Equip oneself with critical information such as closest testing facilities and have contigency plans in the event of border closures.

Finally, take all the steps necessary to keep yourself safe. The general habits of wearing face masks, practising good personal hygiene, safe distancing and avoiding large crowds are all good tips to follow whether you’re in your home country, or travelling.


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