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Booking of PDT Test & Testing window

For booking of PDT test you may call the service provider beforehand to book an appointment or book online at for your pre-departure swab test and inform them that you will require a Pre-Departure COVID-19 (PDT) certificate or travel memo. Prepare these details beforehand to facilitate an efficient booking process:

Important details for booking:

*Your identity card (for Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents

* Passport (for all travellers)

*Your departure flight timing (if applicable)

*Preferable times for your swab test slot

*Your address in Singapore

*Your mobile number

*Your email address (to receive the result memo/PDT certificate)

Testing Window

For COVID-19 PCR tests, it is recommended to take the swab test at least 48 hours before your departure to ensure that you can be notified of your results before your flight.

For COVID-19 ART tests, you may take the test at least one hour before your flight.

However, you should take your pre-departure test no longer than three days before entering a country as some countries may only recognize a short validity for the test results. Check the official requirements of the country you are travelling to to determine the accepted time frame for a pre-departure test.

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