Information on Pre Departure Swab Test
As more Vaccinated Travel Lanes opens, will ensure you will travel with ease.

With the opening of more VTL (Vaccinated Travel Lanes), many fully vaccinated travellers are able to travel to several countries without any restrictions on the purpose of the trip and does not require to serve quarantine. Some countries do not require any PCR (COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction) testing while some it is still required. 

Documents to prepare:
Valid travel documents
(e.g Passport) 
Proof of vaccination
Valid Entry Visa
(if applicable)
Pre-departure Covid-19 PCR or ART test
Understanding different pre-departure PCR Test

The COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing is available to all individuals, including non-travellers, at our 46 clinics islandwide. If you’re taking the PCR test for travel purposes, take note of the testing window and ensure you meet the travel requirements of your destination country. 

Nasal Swab PCR 
This test is available throughout our clinics for all 
travellers and non-travellers and is commonly accepted for the VTL countries. We provide RT-PCR testing for the pre-departure swab.
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Professionally Administered Antigen Rapid Test (ART)
Antigen rapid tests administered by “trained professionals” can be accepted for VTL. Only selected countries accept PDT ART.
Self Help
Still unsure on when you can book your PDT appointment, worry not we provide the PDT calculator that will help you work out when to book for your appointment.
*It is essential that you check with your airline or cruise line, or your transit and destination countries for the latest requirements for your pre-departure COVID-19 travel test. You will also find these guidelines from the embassies and consulates, and on
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For a list of all VTL countries, please click here
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