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Note: Please select your appointment time according to PCR window schedule and your intended time of flight.

I understand that the special deal bundle is a non-refundable package.


There will not be any refund in the event of an (1) entire group drop-out or (2) partial group member drop-out after the time of purchase under any form of circumstances.


I have verified that the details are in correct order and that the service provider (“Acumen and/or Q&M”) shall not be liable for any inaccuracies might have been generated by the me (“the user”) during the registration or booking process.


Replacement of group members and amendments of personal particulars are permitted via the online link (given during the confirmation email) from the time of booking to 24hrs prior to the scheduled appointment time. Alternatively, personal particulars amendments can be accepted at the appointed clinic.


This bundle deal is a single-receipt transaction and the invoice will only be granted to the person performing the booking.


By choosing to continue, I have fully understood and accepted the terms stated aforementioned.

Booking Form - PCR Bundle (5 Pax)

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