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  • 1. Are COVID-19 serology (blood antibody/antigen) tests available?
    No, we do not provide COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) antigen / antibody serology testing services. You may contact our clinic partners for the service here.
  • 2. How can I pay?
    We accept credit cards, debit cards, PayNow, and SG QR. Cash payment is not accepted.
  • 3.  I tried to book online, but the payment did not go through.
    If payment did not go through, please contact your bank.
  • 4. I tried to upload my health certificate on but received an error message.
    Rest assured, you do NOT need to upload your Healthcert (document with the QR code) or your lab result report as they have are automatically notarised by the Singapore Government (GovTech) prior to these documents being sent to you. The "rejection" message shown on was due to it being a double submission. You may present your travel documents to the airport staff without any further action required from you.
  • 5. What does "turnaround time" mean?
    It is the time from us performing the swab to the time you receive your results.
  • 6. Who can be swabbed for COVID-19 testing?
    You may be swabbed and tested for COVID-19 if you are without ARI symptoms (cough, flu, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath). For minors 2 years old and below, please call us at 9177 3937 to arrange a swab test appointment.
  • 7. What is my pre-departure testing window?
    Your appointment for swab testing depends on requirements set by your destination country. We advise all travellers to check with their destination country's embassy on the testing window requirements. You may visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website to learn more about the testing requirements for each individual country.
  • 8. What if my result is positive?
    We would recommend that you follow Protocol 2 of the Ministry of Health's guidelines. Please consult a doctor if you are aged 60 and above or unvaccinated, even if you are feeling well or experiencing little to no symptoms.
  • 9. What if my result is "Inconclusive"?
    A test result result may be inconclusive due to analytical interferences caused by particles collected from the respiratory tract. The laboratory will perform a repeat run until a definite negative or positive result is achieved; additional charges may be incurred, but please do note that this is a rare scenario.
  • 10. Can I take a test without booking an appointment?
    Please book an appointment with us.
  • 11. What happens after the COVID-19 pre-departure swab test?
    All travellers: You will receive digital copies of a laboratory result report AND a Healthcert automatically notarised by the Singapore Government (GovTech) with a QR code that verifies your negative result, and that your credentials and particulars are correct. Present both documents at the airport. Travellers to Japan: You will additionally receive a digital copy of the "Certificate of Testing for COVID-19" required by the Japanese authorities. Example below:
  • 12. How long does it take to get swabbed?
    The swab service takes about 10-15 minutes from registration to completion.
  • 13.  I've made a booking but was led to an error page with no booking confirmation.
    This is a preauthorisation issue whereby the client did not activate 3-D Secure with the bank. It is a safety measure implemented by the bank to disallow unauthorised payments or scams. Please enable this 3-D Secure function in order to make payments via PayPal. Once your booking is successful, you will receive a booking confirmation sent to your email. (Please do check your junk folder!)
  • 14. I have not received my results.
    Please first check your email junk and spam folders. If not, please immediately call us at 8339 8766 to confirm your email address and we will re-send the results to you via email.
  • 15. I wish to cancel or reschedule by booking, or make amendments to my particulars.
    Please request for cancellations, rescheduling, or amendments here.
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